Hi there! :wave:

Proxima Games is a small game development shop from Boulder, Colorado founded by Vasily Vasinov. Vasily is a recovering SaaS entrepreneur and a software engineer with an interest in computer games and astronomy.

Milky Way Boulder, Colorado (photo provided by CU Boulder)

After working for several years in startups and at Amazon Web Services, Vasily decided to focus on something that he wanted to do since he was a teenager: build infinitely replayable computer games with a meaningful philosophical subtext.

In March 2018 he started to work on several space-themed game prototypes in Unity. By the end of July he had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to build. More importantly, one of the prototypes that he tested with friends was actually fun to play! He decided to focus on this prototype while experimenting with other game mechanics.

The prototype slowly grew into our first game—Eons of War—which is currently being actively tested by beta players. Right now we are focusing on solidifying game mechanics, improving graphics, and exploring single player campaign possibilities.

Proxima Games is a bootstrapped studio and before releasing our first title we’re trying to remain as frugal as possible. This means that currently the only full-time person working on Eons of War is Vasily but we’re subcontracting various bits of the game to others.

If you are interested in connecting or contributing in any way please reach out! :bowtie: