Eons of War: Research Station

Happy New Year! I took a few days off from development enjoying winter in the mountains and still managed to work on a few long overdue improvements.

I just pushed build 0.6.0 to Steam that includes the following updates:

  • [AI] AI players learned how to upgrade structures around their locations.
  • [AI] AI players became aware of asteroid fields and research stations and can build tunnels and attack them.
  • [AI] AI players learned how to transport populations and minerals between their locations. This is huge! Now AI can actually execute more meaningful strategies and adapt to changes on the battlefield.
  • [GAMEPLAY] Event probability now depends on when the last event occurred: first turn after an event has the probability of a new event happening at 0% and seventh turn at 100%. Turns in between have a linearly increasing probability.
  • [GAMEPLAY] Players can now set the initial proximity to other players in the battle settings panel.
  • [GAMEPLAY] Stars go supernovae faster that before.
  • [GAMEPLAY] Maximum mass of blue giants was increased, which affects incoming action costs.
  • [UI] Location details panel now includes the combat strength value.

As you can see, most improvements in this update are related to AI, which should make battles way more exciting. There are still quite a few things that AI doesn’t do well (for example, avoiding supernova losses) but I’ll be improving it incrementally with every new update.

Next Week

Over the next seven days I’ll be focusing on:

  • Adding more actions like fortifying and bombing locations without involving populations.
  • More gameplay balancing and general improvements.