Eons of War: Research

Build 0.9.0 is out on Steam for beta players to test. It doesn’t contain as many changes as I have planned last week though. The whole stellar lifecycle mechanic is taking longer than expected because I had to completely re-write the part of the game logic that’s responsible for processing stars every turn.

This build mainly includes research updates and some minor bug fixes:

  • Now, research costs depend on how large the map is. It’s really neat because the static cost system that we had before didn’t make sense for large and dense maps when the player ended up with 15+ stars in midgame and most research done before endgame. Now, it’s more balanced and fun.
  • All research items now support the new incremental resource modifier system (it used to be percentage-based before 0.8.0).
  • All research items were re-evaluated to be more in line with different in-game points of focus: military superiority, mineral harvesting, population growth, energy generation, and construction speed and cost.
  • All research item properties are now shown in one tooltip.
  • All structure mineral and turn costs now include clear modifier breakdowns that can be seen in the tooltips.

New Launch Date

We are moving the launch date to the second half of September 2019. That was a tough decision to make but it’s definitely for the better. I want the game to be the best it can be and it would’ve been tough to achieve that without going into a major crunch for at least two months before the original launch date in May (been there, done that: it’s not good). I want the game to be enjoyable in single player and multiplayer modes and the latter is hard to get right on the first attempt.

We are still working on adding core game mechanics like stellar evolution, population races, leaders, and super weapons. The plan is to be done with those by the end of March and then focus on polishing, balancing, and adding content.

Private Beta Update

I received tons of great feedback from the beta testers over the past two months and I’m still processing it. I will be doing the second round of private beta staring in April but you can sign up for it now. Everyone who signed up before today and who hasn’t received a beta key yet will receive it in the next two weeks as promised :)