Dev Update #19: Races

Published on February 13, 2019 by Vasily Vasinov

Eons of War: Races

Build 0.11.0 is out on Steam! This update introduces races and several other more minor improvements. Let’s dive right in!


Races is a brand new game mechanic in the world of Eons of War. Now every occupied location in the game has a race of sapient beings. At the beginning of each game, initial locations are populated by the race set in the game settings. As the game progresses, locations become inhabited during colonization.

Each race has a set of traits that directly affect construction, resource production, and research. Also, each race has a combat strength bonus against some other race. This adds another strategic layer to gameplay.

If the player wins an attack against another location with a different race they will be presented with an option to assimilate attacking population, which effectively keeps the newly conquered location’s race the same. It comes at a price of a one time population reduction but it could be very beneficial if the player is looking to add more races to their empire.

The initial version of this mechanic includes three races (more are coming in future builds): humans, machines, and baloghs. Humans get to build structures on the cheap but their population doesn’t grow as fast. Machines collect extra energy at the expense of the minerals. And baloghs are trueborn warriors with increased combat strength but reduced research speed.

Other Changes

[GAMEPLAY] Negative resource rates are now allowed.

[GAMEPLAY] Structures were changed to have the maximum level of 3 instead of 5.

[UI] Location panels are now highlighted with color of the player occupying them. Also, we cleaned them up to show less content by default. Hover over your locations with a cursor to see more details.

[UI] Structures are now organized by category and name.

[UI] Action properties now have tooltips explaining all bonuses and handicaps.

[BUGFIX] Fog of war now renders correctly on all OpenGL setups.