Dev Update #2

Published on October 15, 2018 by Vasily Vasinov

Another busy week after the official Eons of War announcement! These past few days we focused on defining the list of features that we want to test during the private beta in November. There will be a follow-up post describing the private beta goals in more depth. Aside from that, we also made some progress on the game itself.

Graphics Improvements

After spending an unreasonable amount of time playing with different color palettes, brightness, contrast, and special effect settings (we finally have interstellar dust! :star2:), I think we finally got to the point where the look and the aesthetic feel of the game is acceptable (at least for now). I’m really happy to see the background brightened up and the objects stand out more.

Eons of War

One important graphics and gameplay-related feature that we added is the fog of war. It’s a standard strategy game mechanic that will be optional in Eons of War depending on the type of battle. It really brings out that 4X “explore” component :smile:.

Minor Features and Game Mechanics Updates

We updated the following game mechanics and added some minor features:

  • Game mechanics: all operations happen right away now. This is actually a pretty big update that dramatically improved the game. Before this change operations like attack, travel, and transportation took several turns depending on the mass of the target star and the distance to this star. Building upgrades still take several turns to complete depending on the level of the upgrade.
  • Balance: star mass-to-energy conversion ratio was balanced, so star lifespan is longer across all types of stars.
  • Balance: initial star resources were increased across all star types.
  • Balance: star resource harvesting rate was lowered.
  • Balance: energy sphere maximum energy storage amount was lowered.
  • Controls: the game camera can be moved with the right mouse button.
  • UI: if any numeric value overflows the parent container ellipsis is added.