Dev Update #20: Better Races and AI

Published on February 21, 2019 by Vasily Vasinov

Eons of War: Races

Build 0.12.0 is out on Steam! This update has lots of little changes that dramatically improve gaming experience. It also just dawned on me that I’ve been sharing public Eons of War updates for 20 weeks now. I think it’s the longest streak of writing I’ve ever done. Kind of neat :)

Better Races

Last update introduced population races and this update brings this mechanic a few steps further. Now, after the player captures a location, the population race stays the same. In order to change the race at a given location, you’ll have to go to the population manager (which is another new feature) and manually convert it to a new race. This process comes at a cost: some amount of energy is required during the conversion and you only end up with 70% of the original population at the end.

Players don’t have access to all races at the beginning of the game—you’ll have to discover them by capturing locations with different races.

If two locations have different races then you can’t transfer population as easily between those two locations. Every such transfer comes with a 50% population cut. For example, if you want to transfer 10 population to a location with a different race, the target location will only receive 5 population.

Finally, I added another race called Mollis. Mollises are great at harvesting minerals but all of their construction takes extra time. They also have a combat bonus against humans. With this addition the game is at four races that force the player to use different strategies during the game. The plan is to add two more races in the coming months.

Better AI

With new mechanics being added, game AI quality has been deteriorating, so it needed an overhaul. The game is at the early stage of AI 2.0, if you will, but it already comes with some real improvements.

One of the bigger changes has to do with AI being aware of the supernovae. Gone are the battles when an AI player would transfer population to a blue giant a couple of turns away from exploding.

AI has gotten a lot better at transferring minerals. There’s still a lot to tune but now all locations that are in dire need of minerals have a better chance of receiving them from neighbors. This is particularly important for space stations that can’t generate minerals.

Other Changes

[UI] I added a new popup over the turn count that shows what the goal of the current game is.

[GRAPHICS] I tuned some post-processing and brightness effects for a better look.

[GAMEPLAY] Rate effects during random events are more severe now.

[MUSIC] I added four more beautiful tracks to the soundtrack.