Dev Update #22: Introducing Weapons

Published on March 06, 2019 by Vasily Vasinov

Eons of War: Weapons Selection

Super excited to get build 0.14.0 out on Steam! And it’s a big one too with the new weapons mechanic and several important UI optimizations that should increase FPS on slower machines.

Super Weapons

Adding weapons to the game has been on my mind for at least three months now and it’s finally here! This mechanic adds another dimension to the game by introducing special actions themed as “weapons” that allow the player to influence other stars and stations without having direct access to them through hyperlanes and wormholes.

To start using weapons you have to build a Weapon Lab that unlocks weapons near a specific star. Each weapon has a range and an energy cost, which depend on the type of weapon and the amount of affected resources. To increase the range and decrease the energy cost players can upgrade their weapon labs.

The current version of the game includes five different weapons. Let’s take a look at all of them!

Dark Matter Beam

This weapon destroys population around another location or, if that location has the shield enabled, it reduces the shield. It’s super useful in situations when you are low on population and are about to get attacked or when another one of your locations needs help attacking but can’t quite win the battle during this turn.

Mineral Teleporter

This weapon steals minerals from other locations. Need I say more? :)

Mineral Teleporter introduces a wide array of new strategies where the player can focus just on collecting energy and not harvesting minerals from asteroid fields.

Psychic Beacon

This weapon permanently reduces base combat strength at a given location. This is a powerful support weapon that can be used to effectively take over a location. Just remember that this effect lasts for the entirety of the game, so once the location is yours it will remain vulnerable unless you complete research that increases combat strength across all of your locations.

Antimatter Bomb

This weapon permanently reduces base energy collection rate. It can be used in multiple scenarios when the attacking player needs to handicap enemy’s energy production.

Star Destroyer

This is perhaps the most fun weapon in the game! It literally forces any star to go supernova even if the star can’t naturally do it. Since this is such a destructive weapon that throws a whole star neighborhood into disarray the cost of it is pretty high and depends on the mass of the target star.

Eons of War: Star Destroyer