Update #4, folks! On top of regular bug fixes, minor UI improvements, and general polish we managed to add two major features last week: supernovae and custom battle settings.

Before launching the private beta in the middle of November we are going to submit Eons of War to the Indie MEGABOOTH! The idea is to show off the game either at the GDC or PAX in 2019 before launch. The Indie MEGABOOTH is a curated showcase of games from different game developers; getting accepted would be a huge honor!


Most of the week was taken up with supernova and stellar mechanics development. Here’s are several new game mechanics around star cluster evolution that we added:

  • At the beginning of every battle the star system is at 70% “capacity.” It means that as the game progresses new stars appear randomly with diminishing probabilities until the star system is “full.”
  • Stars go supernova when they get down to about 20% of their original mass. Before the supernova, luminosity—or energy output—goes up allowing players to harvest more energy.
  • Once the star enters the supernova stage, it lasts for several turns (it’s impossible to know how many). During this time nothing can be built and no action (like attack and population/resource transportation) can be executed. Also, the supernova kills off a small percentage of nearby stars’ population every turn.
  • Once the supernova is over, the star either disappears, turns into a black hole, or a white dwarf. All structures that existed before the supernova are damaged and sometimes completely destroyed. Some population, stored energy, and resources are destroyed as well.
  • Black holes and white dwarfs never go supernova and are eternal in the context of the battle.

Eons of War: Supernovae

With the addition of supernova mechanics we finally executed on our original vision of the grand 4X strategy experience that doesn’t exist in any other game. Pretty exciting stuff! :satisfied:

Battle Settings

Since the beginning, in addition to standard single and multiplayer modes, we wanted to have a customizable battle mode where players can set whatever battle parameters they want. Now we have it!

Currently, the game supports custom settings displayed in this screenshot:

Eons of War: Battle Settings

We also updated the main menu to make it more presentable:

Eons of War: Main Menu

That’s all for now!

Random aside: happy national cat day! :smile_cat:

Next Week

Over the next seven days we are going to work on:

  • Adding research advancements.
  • Adding research stations.
  • AI improvements that we didn’t get to work on this week.