Dev Update #8: One Week Until the Beta

Published on November 26, 2018 by Vasily Vasinov

Last week was filled with lots of Eons of War improvements and turkey eating :bird:! We are about a week behind in our development, so we decided to move the private beta launch to December 3. Now, let’s take a look at the changes over the past seven days.


We were finally able to finish designing and implementing all technology research items. There’re six research branches with four technologies per branch. Each branch focuses on a specific game style that players can adopt to bring victory to their civilization. There’s a lot of research balancing that will have to happen over the next few weeks during the beta test.

Eons of War: Updated Research UI

Here are other gameplay additions and updates:

  • Space fleet is required to transport resources and population. This meaningfully slows down expansion and makes it more difficult to use the rush strategy.
  • We changed all base rate and storage multipliers to be percentage-based. This way it’s easier to make decisions about research and colonization decisions.
  • All base multipliers like the population rate multiplier (and many others) get affected by the type of location. For example, black holes have a higher attack multiplier but lower population rate multiplier.
  • We decided to go back to fractional rates for increments. We realized that by using percentage multipliers it makes sense to either increase the granularity of population, energy, and resource increments or increase the absolute amounts of stored items. We decided to go for the former to keep in-game numbers low as it’s easier to reason about them. So, now your location’s energy rate can be 2.4 and in three turns your stored energy will be equal to 7 instead of 6 with the old rounding down system.

User Interface

  • More tooltips were added to different UI elements explaining how certain values are calculated.
  • Location info panel now includes base multiplier information.
  • Location details panel now includes icons for structures that can be built or upgraded during the current turn. This is super useful because players don’t need to shuffle through their locations to see what’s available for construction.

Check out some of the UI changes in this screenshot of the glorious black hole:

Eons of War: Black Hole

Next Week

Over the next seven days we are going to work on:

  • More playtesting and gameplay improvements.
  • Graphics optimizations.
  • New type of location: asteroid fields.
  • AI improvements.
  • Steam build upload shenanigans for the private beta.
  • Launching the private beta!