Private Beta

Published on December 03, 2018 by Vasily Vasinov

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who signed up for the private beta! You are all awesome and I’m thankful for your interest in Eons of War. :pray:

Eons of War: Private Beta

I’m officially launching the private beta of Eons of War on Windows, Mac, and Linux today. It’s an early version of the game that’s currently about 30% done. Here’s a list of things to consider before installing it and providing feedback:

  • We are a small shop with one full-time developer and a handful of contractors. We’ll try to be on top of updates and communication as much as we can but please be patient if we don’t respond to you right away. A gentle nudge is always appreciated though. :smile:
  • Eons of War is not Stellaris or Master of Orion. It’s a 4X grand strategy game in space with some unique mechanics but don’t expect the same type of gameplay from it. I’m fully committed to building a unique game that borrows some good ideas but is not a direct clone of another great title. Also, we are not a team of 50, so expect less in-game content.
  • I see the game being fast-paced (no 1+ hour battles) but still deeply strategic.
  • The single player campaign format and storyline are being worked on and they are currently not part of the beta.

If you are okay with this list then welcome to the beta! To get a Steam key please do one of the following things (if you haven’t done it already):

Sharing Feedback

You can share feedback directly through the following channels:

All feedback is welcome but here’s the list of things that I’m particularly interested in:

  • Are the core game mechanics fun? Would you change anything? Would you add anything new?
  • Did you notice any bugs or glitches?
  • Do you like the aesthetics? How’s the graphics? Do you like the music and sound effects?

Development Roadmap

Our current plan is to run the beta up until April to get as much feedback as possible. The game launch is scheduled for May.

We are using a public Trello board to track the progress and capture game ideas. Anyone can vote on cards and it’s really important that more people do that, so we can focus on things that are important to the beta community.

Eons of War: Trello Roadmap

Again, thanks for your interest and enjoy the game!